Mirus Research doesn’t have a product line.

We don’t have a tagline either. Nor do we have an ad agency. We’re straight shooters.

We simply have a mission: Mirus Research designs custom digital and software solutions to help customers realize the greatest possible value from their technology investments.

We also have a way of doing things, which includes:

  • Feature-driven and flexible design methodologies
  • Iterative design to add new features on-demand
  • Combining technology and creativity to provide a compelling user experience and increase corporate efficiency
  • Measurement features to reduce risk
  • Simple and clean code
  • Extensive testing
Most importantly, we have a passion for doing business as a team. We invite you to take a look at what we call our Partnership Plan.

We develop much more than software.

The solutions we develop enable your company to implement new processes, lower costs, and achieve higher performance levels, but it’s the relationships we develop that our clients value most. 

Software development is a collaborative practice. Mirus Research clients quickly come to appreciate how dedicated we are to overcoming technology challenges as a team. As a team, we uncover the specific needs of your business, and again, as a team, we integrate effective web-based solutions to power your growth.

ABC: Our approach to developing productive partnerships.

A is for Able.
Building trust begins with competence. Our developers are software experts, but students as well. We strive to continuously absorb more knowledge about application development, your industry, and how the two fit together.

B is for Believable.
We honor integrity. We own failures as well as our triumphs. We value ethics, responsibility and trust and work only with companies who can honestly say the same.

C is for Connected.
We place establishing personal connections with our clients in the highest regard because we genuinely care about working together to achieve results.